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18 Jan 2006

Game Report: Andy S, Andy T, Jenn, Fiona & Adam

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A five player game and everyone's got at least one game under their belt, so it looks like it's going to be quite a fight... Especially when Fiona announces 'I was far too nice last time' before she's even laid her first villages.

Setup goes well, Adam starts to curse his placement of both his village in South America as the board soon fills up and he's feeling a little trapped. Andy S splits between Australia and Africa, Andy T tries a Asia and Nowhere split. Jenn Asia and North America and Fiona is left with Europe. Within a round the axis of evil is being spun and everyone soon gets a turn with the balaclava.

There's a peaceful air about the game and comments such as 'it's going to hot up soon' are mumbled with each passing turn. A few notes go back and forth, the two Andys make a pact that isn't worth the paper it's written on, Adam and Fiona start what turns out to be a healthy correspondence.Then, blam! Jenn gets nasty and strikes out, making several enemies in a single turn.

Although Andy S has a healthy empire and wads of cash, he covers the world with terrorists and joins Jenn on the dark side.Andy T repays the favour and goes all out against Jenn to try and push her out of Asia. He leaves for a cigarette break and comes back to find former ally,Andy S, ready to launch an attack. NUKE! And Andy T suddenly doesn't own Nowhere any more, terrorists are popping up all over the shop and the peace of the early game is a distant memory.

Then things get really nasty, political kidnaps, regime change, suicide bombers... a usual game of War on Terror. Adam takes a nuke in Brazil, seriously weakening his Empire, Andy T keeps laying into Jenn and then a pincer movement from Adam and Fiona against Jenn in North America forces her to turn terrorist.

Jenn knows Andy S is holding the Global Terrorism card and keeps on the pressure to get him to turn, before long it works and although Andy S has a healthy empire and wads of cash, he covers the world with terrorists using the Global Terrorism card and joins Jenn on the dark side.

In turn, the three remaining empires stop fighting each other and concentrate on the all powerful enemy of democracy. Several turns pass and it could go either way, all the time anarchic terrorist propaganda is being hurled at the empires.

It's getting risky, both Andy T and Fiona are looking like they could pull off an empire victory, but neither attacks the other, instead they try and keep up the false pretence of 'working together'. Andy T regrets this when Fiona manages to take Europe and build enough cities to win! A four hour game which had it all, fun, laughter and extreme pain.

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