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"Sounds like the perfect recipe for family harmony" Daniel Finkelstein, The Times 27th December 2007

As Shakespeare said of the media, it is a "tale, told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing". We think that's a bit harsh personally, so here are some press releases and accompanying files to help the beleaguered media along. Please note, we do not accept embedded reporters.

Latest Press Release

TerrorBull Games, latest Press Release 21/11/2011
PDF document 'World's most dangerous board game' comes to The app store
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Previous Press Releases

PDF document 15/12/2010
PDF document 'War on Terror' board game enters new era
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PDF document 06/07/2010
Auction for Infamy - Your Chance to go Down in History
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PDF document 15/12/2009
BBC label war on terror board game 'historically important'
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PDF document 18/08/2008
Is This the World's Most Dangerous Board Game?
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PDF document 31/03/2008
War on Terror baord game, an 'unlikely cultural phenomenon'
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Word document 21/04/2007
War on Terror Comes Home
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PDF document 30/11/2006
War on Terror Game - Up for it, Tony?
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Related document: A petition calling upon the Prime Minister to launch an independent inquiry into the legitimacy of the 'war on terror'.

PDF document 20/09/2006
Game Designers Stick to their Guns (and WMDs)
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An open letter to victims of terrorism

PDF document 11/09/2006
You're either with them or against them. Or sometimes you're both.
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PDF document 20/07/2006
Announcing: War on Terror, the boardgame
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PDF document 24/01/2006
Introducing: War on Terror, the boardgame
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