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29 Jan 2006

UK Toy Fair 2006 - Part Two

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What a mad old week it's been.

Since launching the website a few days ago, we've had 135 pre-orders (from as far away as Qatar and Australia), a tonne of press interest, distributors showing keen and it looks like we'll soon have enough funding to manufacture our first run. Things are moving quickly - with any luck, WoT will be in the shops before you know it.

The Toy Fair was good fun and very useful. We gave Thursday a miss, mainly to lie low. On Friday, we went back again without our balaclavas, but for consistency's sake we wore "evil" t-shirts instead. A little more subtle we thought. Sadly, this didn't work at all since they were watching us as soon as we walking in the door. We got talking to the CEO of MindWare - she was very interested on a personal level, so we gave her a postcard. Security were obviously on standby because we got swooped by no fewer than 3 people telling us we'd already been "warned" on Wednesday. Sheesh, these guys are uptight.

... we got swooped by no fewer than 3 people telling us we'd already been "warned" on WednesdayAfter a brief discussion about what we were and weren't allowed to talk about and with who and what we could and couldn't give out, we were released and spent most of that day talking to small boardgame makers who were mostly at this stage a year ago. They were all very friendly and helpful and we got some good tips and advice.

The organiser saw us later that day, walked past us, then turned around and barked "jackets closed, lads". What the? Andy T even had his jacket closed.

Went down early on Saturday for the free breakfast (oh yes, we are living the HIGH LIFE now) and spent the morning talking to everyone we didn't cover on Friday, plus a couple of distributors/ larger publishers. Lots of interesting noises. Lots of leads to follow up.

Disturbingly, by Saturday, we were almost universally recognised as "the terrorist twins", or the "evil boys". Fame was never meant to be like this...

Tomorrow we've got an interview on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire for their breakfast show. Today Cambridge, tomorrow, the world!

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