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13 Nov 2006

Delivery Update: WoT hits dry land!

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The last month has felt like a small eternity. But the waiting's over! It's here! The War on Terror cargo ship has docked!

Unless they get destroyed by customs (nothing would surprise us), the games should start getting delivered next week. And the games in the States are already at the warehouse - they should be going out tomorrow.

Exciting times. This website's going to be updated slightly too - for starters, we're going to have an 'evil gallery' for people to send in their balaclava shots.

There have been a couple of interesting developments here at TBG HQ. A possible documentary may be on the cards. And we're talking to people about proper distribution in North America. If either leads to anything, you'll certainly know about it.

But it's not all fun and games (is it ever?) - unfortunately both Borders and Fopp in Cambridge have backed out of stocking the game. In both cases, the Cambridge managers have been over-ridden by 'head office'. In Fopp's case, the instruction was not to stock any board games. However, in Borders' case, they received a direct order from head office not to stock War on Terror, the boardgame, since it might "upset customers". (Unlike any of the other products they stock). They've been added to the Coalition of the Unwilling.

Our hopes now lie with independent games shops. We'll hopefully have a list of stockists on the site in the next couple of weeks.

And in other news, we read in the Independent that young Muslims are being groomed as suicide bombers through the use of - amongst other things - board games. Well it wasn't us. It's not even out yet.

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