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20 Nov 2006

We got the games!

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So 1,500* boxes of War on Terror cleared customs on Friday and we drove down to Essex to pick a few up.

It was a little weird because for starters we were being followed by a small film crew (for a possible documentary). Then when we arrived at the warehouse, we were made to wait outside in the rain, while the games were driven out to us. It felt like a drugs drop. Only more dodgy.

So sorry if you were expecting dramatic photos of sky-high towers of WoT shipping cartons - the "sensitivity" of our game (it cries at chick flicks) meant that we weren't allowed to take pictures.

Here follows a brief exchange with some of the warehouse staff:

Bloke A: What's all this about then?"
Andy S: It's a board game, called 'War on Terror, the boardgame.
Bloke A: Bloody hell!
Bloke B: Whatever next!
Andy T: Yeh, and you get a free balaclava with each game.
(game gets pulled from the box)
Girl A: Wow! I want one.
Bloke B: Love the artwork.
Bloke A: I'm going home, tell me when this shit's cleared out of the warehouse.

We also got our first order from the Houses of Parliament... Apparently they're going to get one for the tea room. Bad luck, Bloke A.

Anyway, the games are being dispatched as we speak. If you advance-ordered yours, it should arrive any day. Please be patient though, since they have about 900 back-orders to get through.

In other news, our Stateside friends have also been receiving their games and they've wasted no time in playing it either. The first official session write-up has appeared on Board Game Geek and we were relieved to read they loved it. We also got our first order from the Houses of Parliament. Can't say who, though.

Oh, and if you haven't bought the game yet, what are you waiting for? Also, check out the new EVIL Gallery, send in your photos and you could win yourself an 'evil' balaclava.

* The other 3,000 arrived today on a separate ship.

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