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09 Oct 2006

Delivery update

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Just when we thought things had calmed down a little...

The past week has been a mental'un. We did an interview with Forbes magazine; been asked on Mexican TV; asked to give a talk on boardgame design in Holland; sent some promo sets out to reviewers and others who have influenced and inspired us ... And then all hell broke loose when our shipping and fulfilment partner (Charles Gee & Co.) who had been working with us for six months suddenly backed out after seeing the 'sick' tabloid headlines.

Needless to say we were amazed by this latest development. We first talked to Charles Gee representatives at the London Toy Fair back in January. Since then we were repeatedly impressed by their friendly and prompt service. Two reps came out to see us. They had reservations, but loved the game as soon as they saw it. Only after we'd arranged shipping, warehousing and fulfilment with them, did Tim Thompson - a partner at Charles Gee - drop us an email to say he didn't want our business. We'd never heard of Tim Thompson before, but here he was, screwing up our entire release date with one email. Very professional. Cheers, Tim.

So where does that leave us? Well we managed to sort out a replacement shipping and fulfilment company pretty quickly. They are cool and we're indebted to them. As far as dates go, Instead of our original delivery estimate of end October, we now have a confirmed shipping arrival date of November 12. Apparently we have to factor in another week for customs clearance, so this is a real set back. Sorry. We're as gutted and frustrated as you are.

We've sent an email out to everyone who's pre-ordered. If you pre-ordered and didn't receive this email, please get in touch right away.

The only problem we're left with is North America. Our Original partner had a base in the States, from which we could fulfil American orders. Unfortunately our new partner can't do this so we've just started contacting warehousing/ pick+pack/ fulfilment people in the States, but have had no joy yet. It's pretty hard when you don't have any leads. So if you know of a suitable (and reliable) company, please let us know.

If you've ordered from the States and you're now panicking, please don't. We have 500 games heading your way and even if we have to train winged monkeys to distribute them, we'll do it.

Having companies run away from us is getting such a bad habit, that we've dedicated a page to flakey and irrational business behaviour. We've called it the Coalition of the Unwilling.

Thanks for your patience and understanding. We'll get there in the end. After seeing the finished product last week, we just can't wait until the games are out there! We want to be a fly on the wall of every house as they open this box of joy. It will be well worth the wait, honestly.

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