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20 Oct 2006

Ship Ahoy!

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Finally, somewhere out there on the waves there's a boat with a big metal box full of War on Terror, the boardgames. So we're on target, the games will be shoved through mail boxes starting the week of the 19 November.

Depending on quite where you are in the world, it may take a little longer to get to you. As soon as we have firm dates for UK, US, Canada, Europe and 'elsewhere' we'll be letting people know via email and this website.

The media circus rolls on... Another day trip to London and we had fun and met some very nice people for our Televisa Mexicana interview. And a piece in today's Guardian has already created some interesting leads, more of which you'll hear about in good time.

We've also found a great venue for our launch party in London and we're still trying to work out how to use the TerrorBull Games video camera.

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