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28 Aug 2007

War on Terror Cameo on The IT Crowd

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Check it out - blog binge! We fall silent for ages and then it's non-stop bloggy action. Just a quick one this time - the new series of Graham Linehan's (Father Ted) rather amusing sitcom, The IT Crowd, has just started on Channel 4. Those living in the UK with particularly eagle eyes may have noticed something familiar on set.

Yep, it's only the bleedin' War on Terror on the shelves behind Moss's desk. Even though we've known about this for a while, we still did a little wee of triumph when we saw our beloved cardboard baby on TV. So cute.

If you haven't ever seen The IT Crowd, give it a go next Friday, Channel 4 (9.30pm). Try a drinking game, taking a shot every time you see the War on Terror. It's a cheap night in, what have you got to lose?

we still did a little wee of triumph Apparently, in one episode this series, Moss and Roy are actually going to play our game. Since the sitcom stars the twin pillars of genius that are Chris Morris (Blue Jam, Brass Eye) and Richard Ayoade (Garth Marenghi's Dark Places, Man to Man With Dean Learner), you can imagine we're really rather chuffed.

Three cheers for free product placement!

Edit 29/08/07: For those of you not in the UK, or who don't have a TV, or who simply can't be arsed, here's episode one on You Tube. Skip to 2'45'' for some vintage War on Terror action.

Edit 17/09/07: Moss and Roy actually play the game briefly in episode four. It's about 4 mins 20 seconds into This clip

Posted by TerrorBull Games on 28 August 2007 - 2 comments

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  1. The YouTube clips are gone, just thought you'd like to know :DJohn from HK - 20 January 2008
  2. John, Thank you, you are a gentleman, hopefully it's working again now... until the next time...we couldn't fight this war properly without you (that's quite clear). Big love from the TerrorBull team here in the bunker.TerrorBull Games - 20 January 2008

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