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24 Jan 2007

Return to the Toy Fair

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We may not be allowed to exhibit at the London Toy Fair, but who's to say we're not allowed to drop in and say 'hello'?

So that's what we did. Packed up early and headed to London to take a look around. It was a bit quiet to be honest. We expected some sort of siren to go off when they scanned our badges, but there was just eerie silence.

Bit sad to see most of the small independents who were there last year no longer there. We did see our mate Joel of rathergood fame though, who had a lovely booth, spongmonkeys and all.

Over lunch, we decided to relax with a little War on Terror in the concourse. We took bets at how long we'd last and despite feeling pessimistic, we managed an entire 2 player game. Next year, it might be us driving around in tiny cars I don't think security spotted us, plus with Marvin the Magician disappearing bowling balls next door and a large guy in a tiny car weaving in and out of the tables, few people paid attention to Andy T drinking coffee in an Evil Balaclava. (The terrorists won, by the way).

After packing up the game, disappointed that we hadn't been thrown out, we took the proverbial (terror)bull by the horns and demanded to see the organisers to get some answers, face-to-face, as to why we weren't allowed to exhibit. After all, we were fobbed off on the phone with "you wouldn't fit in" but there were Stormtroopers walking around with GUNS and there was a game about getting away with MURDER and there was even a plastic kid's CROSSBOW on display. How do we not fit in? So we handed a game in to the Toy Fair organisers, along with a plea to at least look at what they'd decided to reject off-hand. Let's see what happens.

Next year, it might be us driving around in tiny cars.

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