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07 Apr 2008

"It will provoke little minds."

While updating the site, we came across this, one of our favourite quotes about War on Terror ever. It prompted us to make a whole new page on the site ...

Our Favourite Quotes. Over the past few years, there have been some pretty funny things said about War on Terror, so it's high time we shared our favourite with you. There's even a form for you to submit your own, so go ahead, quote us happy.

On a roll, we made another new page: Our Favourite Things. The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed that this page has been live for months, but we only just got around to putting something up there today. (It takes time to work out what you like to the extent that you want to publicise it. I mean, I like to dress in a leotard and club seals to death and then wash my face in the blood of that seal before tossing off a Frenchman with a pine cone, but I'm not going to shout about it). This page now has links to other satirical and interesting games, alternative news and political sites and generally All The Good Stuff.

And finally, we've got some New Gallery Photos and even a stunning EVIL Challenge Winner. Enjoy!

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