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24 Jul 2008

TerrorBull Games Take on the Establishment (at the Flea Pit)

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Revolution means many things to many people. For the uniquely charming folk over at Class Wargames it means playing certain board games in a carefully planned 'campaign' with the hope that political subversion will spring forth from the table top. It's as good a definition as any, so we attended their latest club night in their Summer Campaign at the Flea Pit in London and manned the proverbial barricades with some 'Freedom Lager' (on tap at the 'Pit) and organic cider. This is how all good fights begin.

Tom got a 5-player game up and running straight away, while we waited for more recruits. In another few minutes, we had a second 5-player game in full swing, headed by Andy S. Andy T was left to 'network' - a challenge he rose to like the proper trooper he is. The boy never stopped networking. Except for when he was lying on the leather couch getting drunk. And even then, he was just planning his next network.

Tom's game saw more action from the looks of things - cities sprang up early on, particularly from Tom, proving the kid can't take his own advice which he had happily dished out at the start: 'Don't be the most obviously powerful Warmonger, it will be your downfall'. For quite a while there were suspicions of a loaded dice with 10 being about the only oil roll being played. Tom gained most from this and became very rich, so a plot was hatched - The playing of 3 civil war cards to be precise. This wiped Tom down to 2 villages and despite much well argued efforts he refused to turn terrorist.

Andy S's game spawned a new psychological condition: Disproportionate Revenge DesireAndy S's game was slower, mainly due to a scarcity of oil and some early, pointless bickering over territory which not only diverted valuable funds and attention but also spawned a new psychological condition: Disproportionate Revenge Desire (or DRD for short). Dr Richard Barbrook was particularly susceptible to DRD and shifted his ire and aggression so rapidly and impulsively that he ended up doing the board game equivalent of swatting flies.

Everyone took a brief pause half-way through and Andy S and Andy T explained a bit about the origins of the game and experiences with the media. This was followed by a brief but interesting discussion about what War on Terror actually was. Funny to see the process of people making this thing their own by applying their own beliefs and experiences to it. But also very healthy and revealing.

Tom's game wrapped up just before last orders with a terrorist win. Bass seemed to be the orchestrator, corrupting Mr. X for a loud and violent terrorist victory.

Meanwhile, Andy S's game was still stuck in the middle ages. Fabian's attempt at brokering peace between Dr Barbrook and his many enemies resulted only in Andy S lashing out against Fabian and double-nuking his (up-until-that-point) promising Asian empire. Joy turned terrorist after failing to escape from South America and the game was declared a draw, although the other Richard claimed a win based on the fact that he was the only person to hold an entire continent (N.America).

So well done Richard (your win didn't count) and Bass. And big thanks to both Class Wargames and the Flea Pit and of course everyone who showed up and all the lovely friendly people who simply came over to say 'hello'. It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening. It looks like we'll be back for the next Class Wargames outing in August (19th) but we'll post details closer to the time.

And remember, the revolution may not be televised, but who needs a TV when you have board games like War on Terror.

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