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02 Jun 2011

Forthcoming attractions

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We're very bad at multi-tasking down in the bunker. Mainly because there's only one pair of scissors and Tom's always using those to cut the hard skin off his feet. What tends to happen is that we go really quiet for several months, then emerge, butterfly-like, with so many things to talk about that we confuse both ourselves and everyone else.

So in an effort to impose some kind of schedule, here's a brief preview of what you can look forward to in the coming months and also the reason(s) we've been quieter than a paedophile at the Daily Mail AGM.


GaGA collective GaGA - Games as Grassroots Activism is a new, radical gamers' collective that we'll be launching in a few weeks. It's for anyone involved in using games for educational, political or activist ends. That means it's for teachers, artists, publishers and journalists as much as for actual game designers. Drop us a line if you'd like to come on board. Founding members get a special star next to their name. You heard me - a special star.

New Print-and-Play Game

New print and play game Inspired by the Arab awakening, in particular the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt, we had our own awakening: isn't it funny how all these dictators are our best mates right up until the moment it becomes utterly impossible to support them any more and then suddenly "MUBARAK MUST GO!" and we're trumpeting on about the wonders of democracy and stressing the need for a "smooth, trouble-free transition" - which roughly translates as: "give us time to find a new pliable patsy who will happily subjugate his own peoples' most basic human rights in exchange for a few hundred thousand dollars in his Swiss bank account". Anyway, we made a game about just that. It's almost finished.

War on Terror, the application

War on Terror, the app We've dropped enough hints by now, so it's time to stop being coy. We're making an iOS app version of War on Terror. Labelled "impossible" by no fewer than three separate developers over the years, it's - not surprisingly - been a project-and-a-half so far, but we're very happy about how it's shaping up. We're about 75% done and aiming for a Summer release. Drop us a line if the thought of getting on the beta testing list means more to you than your first-born child and maybe we'll think about it.

On top of all of that, we're working on two full-release games, a load of "how to" videos and some silly side-projects. So, to dispel those rumours once and for all, our low profile isn't because we've gone blind as a result of onanastic over-indulgence. Our vision still works perfefcatlw elwl.

"Always end on a joke" - The Spirit of the Blog by Seth Godin, p.43

Posted by TerrorBull Games on 2 June 2011 - 3 comments

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  1. VERY much looking forward to all of these things. Timmy from Down the well - 14 June 2011
  2. you are feckin nutzyer mom from berkeley - 19 July 2011
  3. Hi mum. Sorry.TerrorBull Games - 19 July 2011

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