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26 Jan 2006

UK Toy Fair 2006 - Part One

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Our first Toy Fair! It's all very exciting...

Arriving shortly after 10am, we decide to waste no time and put our well-honed guerilla tactics into effect. Balaclavas on, game box out. Wander around looking threatening.

Amazingly, this haphazard approach works. Everyone is terribly nice and receptive to two blokes wearing balaclavas and we realise it's probably one of the few places where you won't get jumped by the anti-terrorist squad for dressing up as a weirdo.

Then we had a run-in with a giant badger dressed as a policeman ...We had our photo taken a lot. We perfected the art of snarling. Still need some practice there. Then we had a run-in with a giant badger dressed as a policeman. But much more fearsome were the Toy Fair staff who soon put an end to our fun.

We had to ditch the balaclavas and box, since this was construed as "selling without a stand". An offence which carries a hefty jail sentence, so we were lucky to be let off with just a warning.

For the rest of the day we drifted around, talked to a few people, made a few interesting contacts. All very .... interesting. We also drank our own body weight in coffee.

Heading back on Friday and Saturday with the aim of talking to more buyers/ distributors.

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