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30 Nov 2006

Parliament Square Protest Game and Petition

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The night before our protest and launch party, a large package turned up containing 300 spare balaclavas.

As well as providing us with many EVIL challenge prizes, we thought it would be almost impossible not to have fun with so many balaclavas. As soon as we get our act together, you can expect a series of bizarre and scary videos, featuring a cast of thousands. Well, three hundred.

So anyway, we'd applied to protest on the day of our launch party at Parliament Square. We were down in London anyway. May as well complain about something while we're there.

We called World Peace, which remarkably everyone agreed on, even Andy T who had just been bombed to kingdom come.After an early start, we rocked up bang on time and scuttled over with our banner, table, chairs and game. First thing we realised was that Parliament Square is a "public space" - complete with benches and pleasant flower beds - that's surrounded by a four lane roundabout of constant traffic. Not one pedestrian crossing exists from the pavement around the edge to the space in the middle. Brilliant.

We set up the game, eager to play, and erected our banner urging everyone to sign our petition. Sadly, only a handful of brave souls risked life and limb to cross the road and do so, but still plenty of drivers/cabbies/busfulls of tourists saw us.

Brian Haw came over to check us out. We felt a bit pathetic at first, protesting for just an hour in the face of Brian's two thousand day peace protest, but there was no pecking order here. Brian was just happy there were other people doing something and trying to make their voice heard.

We got a few names to kick-start our petition but weirdly our petition still hasn't been approved by the team at no.10, so we can't link to it yet. Sorry.

We even sold a game, surreptitiously, to one lady who couldn't resist the £10 Parliament Square discount.

But all of this was mere distraction to the main event - a full game of War on Terror in Parliament Square. In doing so, we broke two of our three EVIL challenges. So come on, you've seen how easy it is.

We upped the starting stakes as we knew time was tight and the world was tri-partitioned in the blink of an eye.

Andy S turned up some great numbers, including a lucky city on an 8 in the unlikely wastes of Nowhere.

Andy T was in the Americas and Australia, obviously hoping, at some stage, to pincer movement Tom in Asia.

Fighting soon broke out in Europe in the no-man's land between the three Empires and before the second round had barely begun, Tom went and nuked the British Isles. Andy T was understandably miffed at this and was about to launch a murderous assault in retaliation when the Old Bill came up and informed us our time was up.

We tried to slip him a quiet 50m note to look the other way and let us carry on, but to no avail. Fun and games over. We just had time to call World Peace, which remarkably everyone agreed on, even Andy T who had just been bombed to kingdom come.

So no one was hurt, no one shot, arrested, or even slightly ruffled. There was one strange bloke who insisted we were "new world shills", whatever that means. But apart from that, everyone was lovely and supportive. Maybe this is the first of many 'protest games'.

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