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24 Apr 2007


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Day one of the games fair and it's a rough, slow start as we managed to find a decent bar in Vegas the night before and celebrated finishing our stand in style with crazy bikers and bar girls who brandish megaphones. We knew we were in for a good night when they stopped the music as we walked in to announce, via the megaphone, that Andy T had taken away the 'Napoleon' title from a regular, due to his apparent similarity to Napoleon Dynamite. TerrorBull Games fully endorses 'Hogs & Heifers' in downtown Vegas.

So we arrive at the games fair a little late and sweating whisky, only to have to put on our jumpsuits which increases our body temperatures by another 10 degrees. We managed to get them on just in time for the big opening. Before long our stall in surrounded by retailers and press and within 30 minutes we've lost count of the number of 'Awesomes' we received.

The general reaction is 'your game looks great', 'your stall looks great', 'where did you get the banners made'. Not one bad reaction. Not one person telling us we're 'sick'. In fact, we even heard 'best game here', 'best stall here', 'best outfits here', so all in all fairly positive, which is the moral boost you need when hungover at a games fair. Everyone seems to get the joke, and most people couldn't believe that Essen, London and the other toy fairs wouldn't let us exhibit.

Business cards flying back and forth and it seems our game will be turning up in a fair few US shops just as soon as the new stock arrives over here. Other exciting 'business deals' were talked about and we've got a number of 'power meetings' arranged for the next couple of days.

Before we know it, it's the end of day one and we're feeling great, so many people wishing us well and lots of useful advice and information about the games industry, it's about time we started to learn about this stuff.

Back to the hotel for a power-nap and to spruce ourselves up for the 'GAMA High' prom-themed welcome party. Not quite Hogs & Heifers, but we'll take the megaphones just in case.

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