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24 Dec 2007

Have Your Say

Thanks to the wonders of interweb magic, you can now comment on blog posts and contribute to the ongoing mayhem that is the WoT Blog. It's a bit of an experiment - we're planning not to censor comments unless someone posts something utterly pointless, eg. spam, irrelevance, codez, bigotry of all kinds and, well, anything that fails to contribute on any level. That means if you're going to insult us, make it constructive.

So Christmas is just around the corner and we're hoping War on Terror will be the traditional board game of choice in many family homes. If you open up War on Terror tomorrow, please take lots of festive photos of cracker hats and balaclavas and send them our way. We're hoping to put together a special Christmas gallery. And if you don't celebrate Christmas, use your imagination and send us an amusing photo anyway.

As an early Christmas present, we have to share with you this fantastic video we were sent. Graham has been travelling in the States and noticed a life-size cut-out of George W. Bush in a shop window. He happened to have an EVIL balaclava on him (we recommend you carry yours with you at all times too) and just couldn't resist ... watch what happened on You Tube.

And just before you go, take a look at the latest EVIL Gallery entries and someone's broken a new EVIL Challenge.

Happy Christmas, play safe, have fun and don't do anything we wouldn't.

Posted by TerrorBull Games on 24 December 2007 - 5 comments

Comments so far:

  1. Comments! Excellent! :) I just got the War on Terror boardgame for christmas...it was unwrapped 5 minutes ago and then I came down to check my feeds to see this post! Jay from Australia - 24 December 2007
  2. This game is awesome, I bought it earlier in the year and we haven't stopped playing it- I gave it to my Aunt for Christmas, she's just unwrapped it and her balaclava is now better than mine, I may have to swap them when her back is turned.evil laughPeter from Eastbourne, England - 25 December 2007
  3. Glad to hear the game is being used as a vehicle for love and Christmas cheer. Peter - while we can't condone stealing, we have to say that swapping the balaclavas would be safest if you get your Aunt drunk first. Chloroform also works well.TerrorBull Games - 26 December 2007
  4. After e-mail with the customerservice, I still haven't got my game in my possession. After one e-mail I don't got any reply of the producers of this game. I have just sent them an e-mail to conduct further legal actions to get my money back. I will never and never order something again of the company terrorbullgames Paul from the Netherlands - 28 December 2007
  5. Forgive us our Christmas break, Paul. I've replied to your email - as you know, your game was delivered and signed for, but not by anyone known to you. We're trying to find out more information and the offer of a full refund (or a redelivery) is on the table if we can't sort it out. We understand your frustration, but there's no need to worry; these things occasionally happen - you'll either get a replacement game or a refund.TerrorBull Games - 29 December 2007

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