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10 Dec 2007

Opening Soon: The Balaclava Museum

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As we've bemoaned before, "business" can be pretty dull at times - regardless of what you're dealing with. However, there's always one component guaranteed to raise a smile and that's the EVIL balaclava.

Whether it's measuring eye holes for a new design spec or stipulating the exact wording of text on the label, the absurdity of including a balaclava in a board game never fails to make us chuckle. The new balaclava is a silky smooth poly-cotton mix, not unlike a wrestler's mask Just the thought that with each new game, there's also a new EVIL balaclava owner ... it almost gives us delusions of grandeur, like we have our own private balaclava army waiting in the wings.

Since the second print-run of War on Terror (summer '07), there's been a new, improved, refined, light-weight balaclava. Reports from sweaty convention halls and the Iraqi desert alike convinced us that the 'knitted look' wasn't without it's practical drawbacks. The new balaclava, therefore, is a silky smooth poly-cotton mix, not unlike a wrestler's mask, but it's still absolutely terrifying. Maybe more so than the original.

It was during a recent moment of take-a-step-back-and-realise-how-weird-things-have-become that we noticed we had enough balaclava samples to open a small, esoteric and slightly disturbing museum: The Museum of the Evil Balacava. But we're not going to open a museum, that would just be mental. However, what we are going to do is share this item's bizarre history with you in picture format and present a gallery of balaclava samples we've acquired over the years. Let us link arms and skip down memory lane whilst wearing frightening headgear...

Posted by TerrorBull Games on 10 December 2007 - 1 comment

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  1. Tom, I have not only cried and silently shook for the last ten minutes in hysterical laughter (I'm a librarian remember?)... I think a small bit of wee came out. The Museum of the Evil Balaclava is by far the funniest and most beautiful thing I've ever seen modelled. Genius. Toodlepip! xxJenni Skinner from Cambridge (Also a bosom buddy of Tom's cousin Sophie) - 11 January 2008

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