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27 Jan 2007

TBG Board Meeting

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This weekend saw the inaugural TerrorBull Games board meeting. We convened, schemed, plotted and laughed. Then we had a money fight. Then we ate caviar and fine cheeses, followed by swan and a side dish of otter stuffed with quail.

Oh yes, we're living the good life here at TBG HQ. Actually, against all odds, it looks like we're keeping our head above water and if things carry on like they are, then we may have to consider getting another batch of games made in the summer.

In other news, we've just booked our place in Vegas. The GAMA conference has been the only industry convention in the world to actually invite us to participate, rather than turn us away. How could we ignore such generosity?

The only downer of the moment is our continuing struggle to get games to people. It's obviously not rocket science, but things are going far from smoothly with our UK warehouse and distribution partner. We're having an emergency audit carried out as we speak and hope to be back on track soon. *sigh*

Let's end on a happy note: new photos in the EVIL gallery!

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