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20 Aug 2008


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What mighty shenanigans. We've got to say straight off, thanks to everyone who came down to Oxford Street and queued patiently for the game. It was a genuine pleasure to meet so many excited people and we had a lot of fun. We hope you did too.

We didn't really know what to expect. Since we didn't want to tip Zavvi off to our mischievous antics, we only let loose with the news the previous day. B3ta.com and Graham Linehan kindly helped spread the word, amongst others, but you never know with these things. We had visions of having to chase people down Oxford St to get rid of our games. Imagine our delight, when, as we rounded the corner at 12.25 loaded down with games, a cheer went up from the waiting crowd.

Two things on Tuesday that made us proud of this country: 1) The great British public's love of free stuff is bottomless - you can put a smile on almost anyone's face by giving them something for free and 2) We really are the best country in the world at queuing patiently and politely. Good job queuers, we're proud of you. Despite the fact that there were clearly many times more people than games, the queue stretched round the corner into Tottenham Court Rd for the entire duration of our stay and everyone was all smiles.

All in all, an epic day of happy mayhem that will make us smile for a long time to come. We were also very happy to meet so many people who had already played the game and had been following the War on Terror for a while. It's easy to feel isolated, working in The Bunker all the time, so we appreciate it, really we do.

So our original plan was to send everyone with a game into Zavvi, find a member of staff and thank them for the free board game. We felt this was only polite. Zavvi however put the kibosh on that almost immediately, refusing entry to anyone in the queue, which is strange because surely they'd be happy with us sending 100s of people into their shop?

In the end, we had to be content with getting everyone to pose with a "Thanks, Zavvi!" speech bubble, while Zavvi security and a mysterious man in a suit glared at us from the front entrance.

Highlights of the day included: hearing how an entire office emptied on 12.30 on the dot to rush down; the sight of a constant queue of excited people stretching down the road; the police showing up and being very good humoured about everything and to cap it all, Graham Linehan came down in person and watched on bemused for several minutes. Being a big fan of Graham's work, it was lovely to get a chance to chat with him, even if it was under rather bizarre circumstances.

All in all, an epic day of happy mayhem that will make us smile for a long time to come. It was just so wonderful to see people carrying War on Terror up and down Oxford St with a great big grin on their face. It made us want to do it all over again.

A special thanks to all our helpers on the day. You all did such a fine job that the police even complimented us on our organisation, so nice one - you did us proud. Also, a big 'sorry' to everyone who came down, queued like champions and went away disappointed. We love you too, we just couldn't fit any more games in the car. Sorry.

Once again, it was wonderful meeting all of you and our very sincere thanks for taking the time to come down and show your support. Yes, we know you only did it to get your grubby mitts on free booty, but allow us our moment of sentimental delusion.

For instant smiles, watch this YouTube montage of everyone expressing their thanks to Zavvi

Posted by TerrorBull Games on 20 August 2008 - 1 comment

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  1. Thanks Zavvi! Thanks for the game - it rocks! Love you guys!Sarah from London - 22 August 2008

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