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03 Dec 2008

George W. Bush a Fan of War on Terror?

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Of course he is, he loves a bit of aggro, we all know that. What we didn't know is that he hates abstract nouns so much, he's willing to fight them in his spare time too.

Let us explain, yesterday, we got several excited emails urging us to check out this thread on Board Game Geek (a popular board game website). It transpires that someone there had stumbled across a picture of George Bush in another forum and keenly noticed something familiar in the background.

It was just ridiculous enough to be true. Theories immediately sprung up about how War on Terror wound up in the Oval Office. People were even blowing up the photo to check for forgery and the general consensus was: it's genuine. See for yourself:

George Bush loves a bit of terror

Unfortunately, as is always the case, some Internet sleuth pissed on our cornflakes and unearthed the original photo, thus revealing the game photo to be a fake. Or is it? Maybe the original photo had the game in and this was then photoshopped out to avoid national embarrassment ....

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