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04 Dec 2008

Playing games...

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From 1pm on Saturday 13th December the War on Terror designers and illustrator will be appearing live at Playin'Games. A long-time stockist and all round decent games shop in the centre of London.

There's going to be a general fun atmosphere all day in the shop, with staff explaining various games and no doubt getting into the spirit of things. We'll hopefully be getting a game of War on Terror going, edition 2 rules of course. We might even crack out the new card games we're working on.

Or you could just buy a copy of War on Terror for each of your close family members and make Christmas so much better than last year (unless last year you gave all your close family members a copy of War on Terror. In which case we don't know what to suggest). We'll be on hand to deface / sign any copies that are placed in front of us.

Playin'Games can be found at 33 Museum Street, London WC1 1JR, just around the corner from the British Museum.

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