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29 Jan 2008

The World's Most Controversial Board Game?

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According to the rather entertaining list put together by Deputy Dawg, War on Terror is one of the world's most controversial board games, sharing an illustrious place alongside the likes of "Jews, Out!" and "Capital Punishment".

We have a curious desire to play all the games on that list, but we should also point out some important omissions, namely Junta and Nuclear War. In fact, Battle to Baghdad has no place on the list - it's not in the least controversial, subversive or shocking, being, as it is, a straightforward war game condoning and sanctioning the war as seen from 'our' perspective, ie. 'right'. A random sentence from the sales pitch confirms: "You will take out airports, night bomb cities, hunt down Saddam Hussein ... ". This is exactly the kind of war game we were railing against with War on Terror.

Proving that shock sells, it was this small injection of controversy that meant on 'Black Monday', as the world's financial markets went into meltdown, sales of War on Terror took a sharp upward turn. It's what the wise kids are investing in for long-term stability. War, I mean, not board games.

This is how the world ends, not with a bang but with a (credit) crunch.

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