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02 Feb 2009

Berlin Part 3

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On our last day in Berlin, we found out that a few errant snow flakes had brought the UK to a juddering halt, our flight had been cancelled and we suddenly had two extra days. Good news, because Berlin is The Awesome. Bad news because we had a lot of work we were meant to be getting on with (hence the reason this is all being posted over a week late).

We spent a good few hours wandering around the rides and fighting the fibreglass dinosaursStill, there's no changing the weather and we soon settled down into a very enjoyable rhythm of playing games at Michael's shop alternated with exploring the area. We have to mention the amazing Italian restaurant, run by Roman anarchists that we ended up visiting twice.

Another incredible highlight of our trip was sneaking into Spree Park, an abandoned amusement park in the former east. Apparently the owner upped and left suddenly for a new life in Peru. The remaining park is incredibly well preserved and full of spooky, calm beauty. Really fascinating - we spent a good few hours wandering around the rides and fighting the fibreglass dinosaurs.

We have to give an extra special huge thanks to Michael and his family for being so welcoming and kind and cool with us and making our stay a very memorable one. Thanks Michael! Everyone who goes to Berlin needs to check out his shop, Spielwiese, and spend some quality time playing great games.

In other news, we finally relented to peer pressure and joined Twitter. Please follow us, it'll give us a sense of purpose. God knows we need one.

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