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30 Jan 2009

Game Evening at Spielwiese, Berlin

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Getting up at 3.30am is always a challenge for us TBG chaps. Tom and Andy S solved the problem with the help of 10 different alarms. Andy T simply never went to bed and decided to drink through the night. We had to deal with a spot of 'wheel rage' at the airport when Andy T inexplicably developed a hatred of mobile luggage, but apart from that it seemed as if Andy T had the best tactic, all things considered.

After arriving in Berlin, we checked in with our gracious host, Michael, who runs the Spielwiese games shop - a cosy little cafe with over 600 games available to rent and play. Apparently War on Terror is the best seller there and the box shows it. We've never seen a WoT box so worn and well loved, it was quite touching.

After that, we set off to explore the area and hand out some flyers for that evening's game event, which we hoped would draw a decent crowd, since we were planning to officially demo our new game for the first time. Well before evening fell, we'd all fallen in love with Berlin. Friendly people, a generally laid-back air, incredible street art and an unnecessary amount of bars and cafes - oh and flippin' amazing falafel - makes for a great mix.

Back at Spielwiese and the shop was overflowing with people. We soon had two 6-player games of WoT on the go, with more looking on. Andy T played two games of "the new game" (for those waiting to know, we'll be releasing some information and pictures in the next couple of weeks) and the results were good: noisy, funny and nasty. Any game where 'Nazi Gold' can be stolen from your personal fortune is always very promising.

Andy S's game of WoT was livened up by some very German approaches to playing the game. One fellow was particularly disturbed by the lack of solid rules and suggested that Go or Chess was an infinitely better game. While it's pretty difficult to argue against this claim on any rational level, Andy S managed to stump the young gentleman by asking him when he last laughed while playing Go.

The whole evening (and the gallery event the next day) was filmed by a very nice man by the name of Sebastian - hopefully going to get it on some German culture programme. We've turned into quite the sophistocrats, don't you know.

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  1. Hey Guys, it was a really great evening. I had a lot of fun and was one of the reason for the very german reset of the game. One guy at the table took it to seriously. Sorry for that, but he was the perfect target for the plane hijack. :) Hope you will be arround soon again. Thank you for explaining the game to us. Greetings Sebastian (not the man with the camera, only one of the players)Sebastian (Tanis) from Berlin - 13 February 2009

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