Board and Card Games

TerrorBull Games was founded initially to fund and publish the release of our first game, War on Terror. We've always been keen proponents of using tabletop and traditional games - and this still lies at the core of what we do - however, more recently, we have embraced computer games as well.

Board Games, Card Games and Traditional Games
War on Terror, the boardgame
War on Terror overview:
"Fight the terrorists, fund the terrorists, be the terrorists"
3 to 6 players
120+ minutes
15+ yrs
Crunch, the game for utter bankers
Crunch overview:
"Fat cat bankers in a race to the bottom and a sweet retirement"
2 to 4 players
45+ minutes
12+ yrs
The Art of Science
The Art of Science overview:
"The fiendishly hard quiz game of science and technology"
2 to 6 players
30-90 minutes
16+ yrs