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Our Sonovabitch

Our Sonovabitch overview:
"Sell weapons to your favourite dictators while ignoring their crimes"
2 players
10-15 minutes
8+ yrs

Our Sonovabitch

June 2011 - The "Arab Spring" has been remarkable for many reasons. But one thing that is completely unsurprising is the speed with which we have distanced ourselves from previously close allies when a certain diplomatic tipping point has been reached.

No one embodies this as much as perhaps President Mubarak of Egypt. For decades, Mubarak has been a key Western ally and so his autocratic rule has never been questioned. We gave Egypt a bail-out before bail-outs were invented and in return they lent a hand during the first Gulf War. That's what friends do, right?

Despite widespread reports of torture, police brutality, political imprisonment, secret detention facilities and the evident, deep-seated corruption, Egypt's public perception was rarely stained - and not surprisingly, since we put much effort into playing down such reports and simultaneously highlighting the faults of Egypt's near neighbours. We backed Mubarak to the hilt until he was practically thrown out the door.

And then we quickly reversed our position, called him every bad name we could think of and praised the Egyptian people for seeking out the True Light of democracy. While our politicians were delivering flowery speeches, you can be pretty sure that behind the scenes we were busy vetting potential successors and weighing up their compatibility. You see, there's nothing we can't stand more than letting a country's people decide their own fate.

Anyway, enough of that, have a game. We think our best printable effort so far:

Game Files:

Our Sonovabitch - board in high res jpeg Our Sonovabitch - instructions and pieces sheet in high res jpeg

DOWNLOAD: Fancy Version: Game Sheet (PDF 1.65Mb) & Rules (PDF 1.4Mb)
Ink-saving Version: Game Sheet (PDF 1.73Mb) & Rules (PDF 1.4Mb)
High-Res JPEGS: Game Sheet (JPEG 1.35Mb) & Rules (JPEG 925Kb)

"Franklin D. Roosevelt is reported to have said of the Nicaraguan dictator, Anastasio Somoza, "He may be a son of a bitch, but he's our son of a bitch". The story is apocryphal, but it tells a truth that persists today. We will support, encourage and sell arms to the worst of humanity as long as it is convenient to do so. Once the relationship sours, however, it's time to back out as quickly and quietly as possible, preferably invading in the wake to claim a righteous victory for democracy and freedom!"

As always, we are very interested to hear your feedback. It helps us improve our games, but it also encourages us. So, careful.

Instructional (but boring) Video

We pulled out all the stops here in the bunker and recorded a rather dull video showing us setting up and playing "Our Sonovabitch". Hope it helps:

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