The Art of Science by Acabo Games

The Art of Science overview:
"The fiendishly difficult quiz game of science and technology"
2 to 6 players
30-90 minutes
16+ yrs

"Stimulating and challenging, ingenious and at times infuriating, this is smartly designed so that it's fun and even a little strategic while stretching your scientific knowledge" - Quentin Cooper, BBC Material World

The Art of Science

We're very proud to have a special guest game in the TerrorBull stable: The Art of Science is a genuinely tough science trivia game from Sweden's finest, Acabo Games. Acabo Games produce educational games that are a joyful challenge to play.

"Overall, it is an excellent game for science fans" Jessica Robinson BluSci Review, Cambridge

The Art of Science has 2,000 questions in the following categories: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Technology and Miscellaneous. You pick which categories you want to give priority - and by so doing - collect the most points in. This is a nice touch because it means that a biologist and mathematician can compete on an equal footing. It even meant that when we played, we could focus on technology and not fail too badly.

The Art of Science - box shot

The Art of Science also includes a nice twist on the strategic trivia game by introducing some competitive, back-stabbing components (which is always nice). There are a few special squares where you can, for example, challenge another player to a "duel". And if you land on the same square as another player, you may relocate them onto another square ... which might coincidentally be their least favourite subject.

The Art of Science contains:
330 Question cards, with 2,000 questions, Rulebook, Notepad of Score Cards, Game board (dimensions 50 x 50 cm), special Dice, 6 pawns, 2 card holders

Some cards and questions from the game

Mouse-over the card images below to reveal the backs of the cards and the answers. We're working on a more interactive application of this, so start revising now!

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If you speak Swedish, here's an introduction to The Art of Science. If you don't speak Swedish, then enjoy the jaunty piano accompaniment (it serves as a decent unboxing video if nothing else!)

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