War on Terror, the boardgame

War on Terror overview:
"Fight the terrorists, fund the terrorists, be the terrorists"
3 to 6 players
120+ minutes
15+ yrs

War on Terror is a board game for 3-6 players. It is probably the only game in history to have been seized by the police, exhibited in a major art gallery and used as a sitcom prop all in the space of the same year.

War on Terror, the boardgame

War on Terror is a devious and strategic game of global domination liberation. Everyone starts with a fledgling empire and the best intentions. Then things start to get cramped. You notice your neighbour has more oil than you. Tensions rise and before you know it, someone launches a pre-emptive strike. And that's usually when the terrorists start appearing ...

War on Terror, the boardgame - shot of the baord

Imagine an unholy alliance between Risk, Monopoly, Diplomacy, Settlers of Catan and Poker and you're halfway there. Add an Evil Balaclava, the Axis of Evil, Oil, Terrorists, Nuclear Weapons and God ... and that's the level of joyous family fun that we're talking about.

War on Terror contains:
1 World Map Board, 1 Rules of Engagement, 1 Action Die, 2 Oil Dice, 1 'Evil' Balaclava, 1 Secret Message Pad, 1 'Axis of Evil' Spinner, 61 Empire Cards, 48 Terrorist Cards, 55 Oil Counters, (6x) 36 Empire Counters, 75 Terrorist Counters, 6 Radiation Counters and 120 'World Bank of Capitalism' Bank Notes

Some cards from the game

A sample of cards from War on Terror, the boardgame

Just a little taster of the adventure to be had inside the box. From left to right: Regime Change, Terrorist Attack, Gitmo Holiday Camp, Global Jihad, Suicide Bomber, God's On My Side.


The first video is a teaser for a film currently in production about War on Terror the boardgame by Heather Leach:

The second video was made by Current TV while we were in LA for the inaugural War on Terror Tournament:


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