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15 Nov 2006

Ex-MI6 boss Richard Dearlove: Will play WoT with son...

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A last minute tip-off and we hear that Sir Richard Dearlove, ex-head of MI6, is presenting a talk at a prestigious Cambridge University entitled the 'War on Terror'. It's too much to resist, and we take the opportunity to present him with a copy of the game.

Due to the fact that half of the TerrorBull team was swanning around London on a birthday related jolly, and that the tip-off was too late to get Cambridge press involved, Andy T has to find a last minute drunken photographer called Ben to come along and record the moment for blog history.

Sir Dearlove stated that all acts of terrorism are a means of communication, but when pushed on what the 'July 7th terrorists' were trying to communicate, he drew a blank.The pre-talk meeting in the pub goes well, bumping into two random Cambridge characters. One of which already knows about the game and wished us well, the other, by the end of the drink, determined to buy a set and use it to teach his students English.

Arriving at the talk a little late and a little drunk, Richard is already underway explaining the complexities of the 'War on Terror'. It seems to boil down to purely religious motivation that CANNOT BE NEGOTIATED WITH. Early on Sir Dearlove states that all acts of terrorism are a means of communication, but when pushed on what the 'July 7th terrorists' were trying to communicate, he drew a blank. Doesn't fill us with a lot of confidence that being in charge of of 'Secret Intelligence Service' means you know what's going on.

He went into depth about the risk of a biological attack, rather than nuclear or chemical; how new evidence shows that Al-Qaeda is more organised than we thought; how difficult it is for governments to relay evidence of the threat and not be seen as scaremongering...

But at the end of it all, he was more than happy to receive a free set of War on Terror, the boardgame, maybe slightly confused. Even though he confessed to not play games too often, he said he'd give it a shot with his son. He didn't even mind having his photo taken, "as long as it's not used for promotion". Luckily Ben was drunk enough to guarantee a piss-poor photo that could never be reproduced anywhere, ever.

We're hoping that he'll endorse the game as the most realistic modern world liberation game in existence. Who better to judge than an ex-MI6 boss - someone who's already written a fair few secret messages of his own.

Other news! The games have cleared customs and we're off to our UK warehouse tomorrow to inspect the shipment. Games are arriving at people's doorsteps in n.America right now, with UK games following shortly.

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