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24 Nov 2011

War on Terror app goes live on 25.11.11

Gallery snapshot. View gallery of War on Terror app goes live on 25.11.11

It's almost time! War on Terror, the application will be available on the iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPod from tomorrow. (iPad and Android users will have to wait a bit, I'm afraid - that's the price you pay for being technical innovators - but we're working on it).

It's been a busy week since Apple finally approved our game. With rather brilliant timing, a war crimes tribunal in Kuala Lumpur commenced hearings this week, charging George Bush and Tony Blair with crimes against peace. We'll be following the progress of this story closer than the fate of our app.

Then we almost got arrested in Cambridge while shooting the trailer video for the app. The concept was basic - to say the least. I film Tom in various locations, wearing a balaclava and playing the app on his iPhone.

we almost got arrested in Cambridge while shooting the trailer video for the app Thing is, when we headed into the Army & Navy store, wearing our EVIL balaclavas, someone called the cops. We had just enough time for a quick chat and catch up with the guys in the shop (awesome guys by the way; they've supported us by selling the game from virtually Day One - and continue to do so) and when I turned to go, confidently declaring that "we'll just have to rob somewhere else", we came face-to-face with two bemused and confused policemen.

They didn't see the funny side, even after showing them the game and explaining it all. "Not a smart move" said one. "Next time, know your audience" added the other, quite cryptically, I felt. At this precise point, we were approached by a young lad who shook our hands and thanked us for making "such an awesome game". Whoever you are, young man, your timing was impeccable.

The rest of the filming went relatively smoothly and we're just stitching that all together right now and preparing for THE BIG DAY.

So on Friday (25 November), it would be awesome if you could help us shout about the app going live. The first 24 hours are really crucial in "app land" and if we can break into any of the lists, we might have a shot at getting War on Terror onto the first page of the board game category - and wouldn't that be incredible?

I want to give a few well-deserved and overdue thank yous. First, everyone who donated so we could buy "Running the World" - I still can't believe you crazies responded to that. Thank you. Our testers - you did a great job and helped us bring it all together in an insanely condensed schedule. Rob Owen for the fantastic job he did on the sound and composing some astonishing music for the game. Seriously, if you're one of these people that gets a new game and heads straight to the options screen to mute all sound, you'll be missing out. We are detail junkies here at TBG and the sound is no exception - there's lots of hidden joys in there. And fart noises. Ben for giving me the idea of Evil Clippy (still raises a chuckle). My wife, who patiently (happily?) put up with hardly seeing or communicating with me for the past month except through Skype and this blog (hi, Jenn!) because I've been holed up in the bunker, working like a fiend. Tom for being ever-dependent and picking up everything that would have sent me over the edge. And of course, David Partouche, our developer. This app literally wouldn't exist - we wouldn't even think about how it could exist - without him. Thanks, David, you made a brilliant game that we're all really proud of. I know David wants to thank the Incredible Hulk. I don't know what it means, but I'm just the messenger on that one.

All that aside, while you wait for Friday, check out the app page with screenshots and stuff.

Roll on Friday!

P.S. While you're in the app store, check out ECT (English Country Tune) by our good friend Stephen Lavelle (aka. increpare). It's an awesome zen-like puzzle game. We've been helping him beta-test it and co-incidentally it also goes live tomorrow.

Posted by Andy S on 24 November 2011 - 4 comments

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  1. Will there be an Android, Steam, XBLA ord PSN Version???standart from Germany - 24 November 2011
  2. Will there be an Android, Steam, XBLA ord PSN Version???standart from Germany - 24 November 2011
  3. Nice! But will it come for iPad either in a universal app or seperately. It's much better suited for boardgaming of this kind :DThue Eriksen from Herning, Danmark - 25 November 2011
  4. I feel somewhat addicted to the boardgame ... and now I've seen there's an App. Good thing, but since I'm a bit old school concerning mobile phones ... what about a PC or online version? That would be great!Vrangarz from Germany - 23 December 2011

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